Cleveland Criminal Defense Case Results - Part 2

Probation- Federal Court- Straw Buyer Gun Purchases

Client accused of buying 3 guns for a felon who had a weapons disability. Client faced 4 years in federal prison and received probation.

Probation- Federal Court- Drug Conspiracy Fentanyl and Cocaine

Client accused of being a member of a large scale drug conspiracy in federal court. He faced over 5 years in prison and received probation.

Complex Business Litigation

Along with the law firm Walter Haverfield, I represented a defendant in a jury trial concerning a complex business transaction. The dispute was between two LLC’s that were tenants in common. The issue concerned which tenant in common owned real property where a major grocery store was a tenant. Plaintiff sought approximately $6.5 million in damages. The jury decided in favor of our client and awarded no money to Plaintiff.


10,500 carts- probation

High Profile Murder Case – Charges Dismissed

Aggravated Murder of two people- High profile case and charges dismissed. Client released from jail.

Reduced to 2 Years Probation

Aggravated Robbery of a store- client received only 2 years probation despite being in prison 3 prior times.