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We are strongly committed to you and your case from the beginning. We offer free consultations and do not allow you to talk to law enforcement unless we are present. We handle media inquiries with strong experience so that clients do not make statements that could jeopardize their cases. With hard work and experience, we will find crucial evidence that will cast doubts about the evidence prevented. A case must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt and we aim to prove your innocence.

Criminal Defense Areas of Practice

Trusted Civil Litigation

This area of practice focuses on personal injury, wrongful death, and commercial disputes. Our attorneys have practiced law for over 30 years and have the expertise, professionalism, and high quality legal services that clients need. We have many resources available to us and work with the best wrongful death lawyers in the state to represent family members who have lost their loved ones. Craig Weintraub has an excellent reputation in the legal community, with judges and other attorneys. Insurance carriers have also come to respect him, which results in higher settlements for clients’ cases.

Seizure of bank accounts, personal property, cash, and real estate

Asset forfeiture is a common practice of law enforcement. The federal forfeiture asset law is very complicated and needs experienced legal counsel in order to challenge the seizure of property in a timely manner and have it returned. Craig Weintraub has spent over 30 years working on cases involving the seizure of property and understands the legal aspects in order to have the judge order the return of your property.

Criminal Appeals

Craig Weintraub represents clients in appeals throughout the State of Ohio and in the United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. He has helped many clients facing injustice by using the appellate law process. Because mistakes in trials can have devastating consequences and leave people facing long prison sentences, filing an appeal may be the only way to protect yourself. Craig Weintraub will help you through the appellate process and find any grounds on which an appeal can be made. He has won trials for those wrongfully convicted and overturned decisions which allowed clients to have an opportunity to protect themselves and their interests.