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If you or someone you know has been charged with a drug crime in Cleveland or a surrounding suburb, your top priority should be to work with a proven federal criminal defense law firms in Cleveland. With more than 30 years successfully representing state and federal cases related to marijuana, The Law Offices of Craig Weintraub will protect your right, freedom and future. The consequences of marijuana charges can be very difficult to overcome due to strict state and federal laws, even for misdemeanor charges. Make sure you find an experienced criminal defense attorney to guide you before speaking with police, investigators, or federal agents.

What You Need to Know About Marijuana Charges

Being arrested for or charged with a drug crime can be scary. The federal government takes drug crimes enforcement extremely seriously. Drug-related arrests and crimes are frequent and can carry high minimum mandatory sentences. Many of the offenses commonly seen in Ohio are:

  • Trafficking/selling controlled substances
  • Illegal manufacture of drugs/ controlled substances
  • Possessing a controlled substance with intent to distribute it
  • Illegal assembly/possession of chemicals for manufacturing drugs
  • Importation of a controlled substance

Are you facing federal Marijuana charges in Cleveland?

Ohio marijuana possession and trafficking charges can have long-lasting effects on your life and those of your loved ones. Whether you’re arrested or charged, it is critical that you take the situation seriously. Drug crime penalties will vary based on the type of drug and the amount involved. In order for your rights to be protected, a strong and aggressive defense in court is highly advisable. Otherwise, you could face extended incarceration, expensive fines, damage to your reputation, and difficulty in other aspects of your life.

Find an Attorney for Federal Marijuana Charges in Cleveland

If you or someone you know is facing charges, is implicated, or under arrest for murder, Cleveland Federal criminal defense lawyer Craig Weintraub can prepare a high-quality, aggressive defense on your behalf – for a reasonable rate.