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As a trusted federal criminal defense lawyer in Cleveland, we have spent more than 30 years successfully representing state and federal cases related to sex crimes. The results of these charges can result in long prison terms and probation sentences, as well as cause strong social stigmas. Those charged may be placed on a sex offender registry, from which they will probably never be removed. This can impact every aspect of someone’s life including employment and housing. If you or someone you know is under investigation, under arrest or implicated for sex crimes, you should find an experienced criminal defense attorney to guide you before speaking with police, investigators, or federal agents.

What You Need To Know About Sex Crimes Criminal Defense

The federal government takes sex crimes enforcement extremely seriously. Arrests and crimes of this nature can result in lengthy sentences, registry as a sex offender,  and carry severe social stigma. Many of the offenses commonly seen in Ohio are:

  • Rape, or engaging in sexual conduct by force
  • Sexual battery or gross sexual imposition, or forcing another to engage in sexual conduct without the other person’s knowledge or while they are substantially impaired
  • Unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, or statutory rape
  • Undercover stings
  • Prostitution, including soliciting, compelling, promoting, or enticing

Are you facing sex crime charges in Cleveland?

In Ohio, as well as other states, charges for sex crimes can have considerable effects on those arrested or charged. The consequences of charges vary and also carry a severe stigma that those accused or charged with often cannot overcome. A strong and aggressive defense in court can ensure your fair treatment. Otherwise, you could face extended incarceration, expensive fines, damage to your reputation, and difficulty in other aspects of your life if placed on a sex offender registry.

Find a Sex Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer for in Cleveland

If you or someone you know is facing charges, is implicated, or under arrest for sex crime charges, Cleveland federal sex crime attorney Craig Weintraub can prepare a high-quality, aggressive defense on your behalf – for a reasonable rate.