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As one of Cleveland’s top federal criminal defense law firms, we know that fraud occurs when an individual intentionally deceives another person or entity for either personal gain or to cause a loss.  we have successfully represented cases related to mail and wire fraud at both state and Federal levels for over 30 years. Whether the alleged fraud took place in the financial market, real estate, insurance or other setting takes place, these crimes are aggressively prosecuted, and a conviction carries harsh penalties. If you, or someone you know is implicated, under investigation, or under arrest for wire or mail fraud, it is crucial that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney guiding you before a statement is made to police, investigators or federal agents.

What You Need to Know About Wire and Mail Fraud

The federal government takes accounting, bank, credit card, mail, mortgage and other types of fraud extremely seriously. Wire and mail fraud can carry high minimum mandatory sentences as well as large fees. Many of the offenses seen in Ohio are:

  • Using the mail to defraud or intent to commit fraud
  • Using wire communications such as telephone, cellphone, email, etc. to defraud or intent commit fraud
  • Participating in a scheme that would have resulted in loss of money or property for another person

Are you facing wire or mail fraud charges in Cleveland?

We have effectively handled numerous fraud cases, and are aware of their complexity. Attention to details and subject-matter expertise in your specific situation is paramount to building a strong defense. In Ohio, as well as other states, harsh laws for both wire and mail fraud-related crimes, as well as felony charges, can have considerable effects on those arrested or charged. Depending on the offense, the intention, and the results of the fraud, penalties may vary, but are still very harsh. A strong and aggressive defense in court can ensure your fair treatment. Otherwise, you could face life-altering consequences.

Find an Attorney for Wire and Mail Fraud Crimes in Cleveland

If you or someone you know is facing charges, is implicated, or under arrest for wire or mail fraud, Cleveland Wire and Mail fraud defense attorney Craig Weintraub can prepare a high-quality, aggressive defense on your behalf – for a reasonable rate.