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Meet Cleveland Criminal Defense Attorney Craig Weintraub

My name is Craig Weintraub and I have over 30 years experience litigating cases in federal and state courts throughout Ohio. I have spent my career in the Northeast Ohio court system and have excellent relationships with judges, prosecutors and law enforcement.

If you’re looking for a great negotiator and and experienced trial attorney that you can trust, call the Law Offices of Craig Weintraub at 216.896.9090 today for a free consultation. I promise to provide you with excellent representation and treat you with respect.

Experience Makes a Difference!

I have represented thousands of clients, including some very high-profile State and Federal criminal cases. I pride myself on bring an honest, but tenacious negotiator. I have received over 50 NOT GUILTY verdicts, dismissals of serious criminal charges and consistently receive significant reductions of charges. These excellent results have occurred in cases involving serious charges such as drug trafficking, drug manufacturing, money laundering, white collar crimes, financial fraud crimes, murder, bribery, kidnapping, sex offenses, robberies, assaults, domestic violence, thefts, embezzlement, mortgage fraud, conspiracy and internet solicitation.

My unique criminal defense experience with high profile cases that attracted local, national and international media attention prepared me to regularly being interviewed by local, national and international media outlets. I have communicated with the local and national press, prosecutors and judges and have defended celebrities, politicians, physicians, attorneys, and other public figures in cases that make headlines.

Partnering With You on Your Cleveland Criminal Defense Case

I focus on partnering with each client when constructing a defense. My considerable experience, hard work and dedication keep me actively involved in your case. I offer representation for all federal and state criminal charges as well as target letters. I will aggressively negotiate for the best possible outcome for you, be it an acquittal, a reduced sentence or a plea bargain. I am also able to help with sealing and expungement of criminal records in Ohio.